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Alfred Krejca had a passion for nature and loved to fish. His camping and fishing trip experiences in the wilderness of Minnesota and Ontario during three-quarters of the 20th century were his favorite reason for living. The fact that he seldom discarded anything pertaining to his passion resulted in a rich paper trail of diaries, letters, pictures, receipts, and maps. His enthusiasm and addiction to the north woods contributed to his ability to tell a story which left his listeners wishing they could have been there with him, perhaps bouncing along riding shotgun in his 1926 Whippet, or exploring Lake of the Woods in the 1930's. His last Ontario camping and fishing trip, in 1997, at age 92, culminated a fishing lifetime of outdoor living, great catches, and sometimes outrageously humorous adventures. He "Saw a lot, did a lot, fished a lot, did OK."


In-Fisherman Magazine Book Review:


"..captures the flavor of the years as they pass, in word and through old pictures. It's fun to read..."


~In-Fisherman Magazine 2009


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Alfred Krejca

A North Woods Fisherman


“Saw a lot, did a lot, fished a lot, did OK.”

~ Alfred Krejca, 2000, age 95 ~


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